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Theme Name
  • IbrahimHamedIbrahimHamed December 2012

    I'm a new user to your theme and i'm happy with this
    because it realy very good

    I want to ask about changing the theme name instead of (http://domain.com/wp-content/themes/localnews/) to (

    Thank you :)
  • MNKYMNKY December 2012

    Before uploading a theme change localnews.zip to anyname.zip

    That is all :)
  • IbrahimHamedIbrahimHamed December 2012

    Does anything change ,Click on the right mouse button and press view page source
    For example ,Despite I upload theme name (goal.zip)

    I used WordPress in Arabic (RTL) I translated CSS so that it appears correctly in Arabic ,But there are some things should modify them

    Slideshow in the middle of the page see this here ( goalnn.com )
  • laranzlaranz December 2012
    Hi Ibrahim,

    Did you rename the theme folder zip that is inside the downloaded content from themeforest? or how you did the rename say in steps, I will try to spot the mistake.

  • IbrahimHamedIbrahimHamed December 2012
    Hello laranz

    Yes of course i changed the name of the zip file to goal.zip and the theme show LocalNews

    Nothing changed
  • IbrahimHamedIbrahimHamed December 2012
    Second problem

    I translated the theme into Arabic ,but ( Promoted Articles ) must be side slideshow

    You can see this live goalnn.com

    This my shortcode

    [column size="3-4" style="1" last="0"][post_slider][/column][column size="2-5" style="1" last="1"]
    [heading bg="#2E3A7C" color="#ffffff"]Promoted Articles[/heading]
    [display_news_s2 excerpt_l="9" height="132" category="promoted" posts_per_page="2" order="ASC"]

    Another thing

    How do these list


    Thank you anyway, but I hope your support be faster than that :)
  • MNKYMNKY December 2012


    1. Are you sure you renamed folder before upload? There are no hardcoded localnews links.

    2.Second column has to be 1-4, so it make 1 in whole :))

    3.This is post carousel shortcode, you can read use manual page 7 for all this.


  • IbrahimHamedIbrahimHamed December 2012

    1-Done thank you ;)

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