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Translation for (non-paged) portfolio template
  • ChillamorChillamor February 2012

    When I create a page with a four column portfolio template, the text 'ALL' is displayed before the first category. I want to translate this text into a Dutch text. Where do I have to do this?


  • MNKYMNKY February 2012


    Make sure to change all 3

    In functions/portfolio/scripts/framework.js find

      if(filterVal == 'all') {

    and in portfolio template, for example portfolio.one.php

     <li class="current"><a href="#">All</a></li>

     <li class="<?php if($category_slug) { echo $category_slug; } else { echo 'all';} ?>">

  • ChillamorChillamor February 2012
    Thank you very much!
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